Commute Groups just got an upgrade!

Pave Commute learns about your preferences and always tries to recommend the best commute for you! When possible, the app also puts you in a daily Commute Group with coworkers who can support you or share trips.

In case we don’t get it right every time, you can now create a new Commute Group and invite friends or colleagues if, for instance, you are already carpool buddies.

If you’re not happy with your recommended group, we’ve also added an option to browse other groups in your community - with the ones most closely matching your preferences up top.

To check and manage your Commute Groups, just click the chat icon at the bottom of the screen.

If you’d rather not commute with a group, no problem! You can still earn rewards when you commute sustainably with Pave Commute!

We hope these new features make it even more fun to commute with coworkers. And of course, you can still earn rewards with Pave Commute when you commute alone!

We love to hear from you! If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact our team [email protected].

Do you love Pave Commute and want to help us improve the app by trying new features before they’re released and giving feedback directly to our developers? You’re invited to the new Pave Commuter Club. Just email [email protected] to join!